Ben Ayesu of Bradford Assemblies of God (GMC)

I’ve been a pastor for over twenty years and came to Bradford in 2013 and began Global Ministry of Champions under Assemblies of God. My passion is to take the love of Christ to people in need – the hungry, those in prison, the homeless poor.

I’ve always delivered our social outreach on a voluntary basis but soon found that the immediate needs of our community were so great and our resources so few that I was getting stretched too thin.

I decided to partner with the Outworks:Bradford and both as a congregation and for the project. The transformation was incredible. Through its development and funding charity, Olive Branch Trust (now Fututrekraft) we’ve been helped in shaping and honing our vision and made delivery so much more effective. For a number of years our social projects helped many adults each and every week who were in the main asylum seekers and refugees who have found themselves here in Bradford.

Our church is still thriving. As I have myself been called back to Ghana to work in projects and church planting there, Outworks:Bradford continues to support and mentor our leaders in Bradford. This support is such a blessing!