‘It is a network of congregations and projects that work together and love each other in a practical way’

The network is co-ordinated by Howard and Helen Astin who have been involved in church leadership and the running of large and small social action projects over many years. There is also a team of local people with considerable experience and expertise in running churches and faith-based projects.

Howard and Helen are in a ‘friend consultant’ role and there is a sort of sliding scale as to how much contact/input they have with the leaders of the congregations or projects. Some may wish for regular (monthly?) contact and others may wish to meet up as and when. Some may wish to use them a ‘sounding board’ and others may just value the commitment from them in prayerful support.

Outworks participants also support each other and their projects, stimulate new ideas, offer direction, and link members into new and potentially fruitful relationships – we work in a spirit of partnership, determined to use all our gifts and talents to work with others for the good of the city.

We organise a monthly lunchtime meeting where we as leaders share experiences and challenge and stimulate each other – often with some input from training material. Then once or twice a year we hold a ‘day away’ when we have the opportunity for extended teaching and discussion and prayer.

There’s no formal or organisational structure involved – our association is built purely on trust and a desire to be a blessing to others – ie. based on relationships.

Everything we do springs from these basics:-

  • The vision – To Know God; To Show God; To Share God
  • The values – Jesus at the centre; positive faith in God; every member ministry; caring community; loving the lost.