The network is co-ordinated by Howard and Helen Astin who have been involved in church leadership and the running of large and small social action projects over many years. They are supported by a team of local people with considerable experience and expertise in running churches and faith-based projects.

In practise, Howard and Helen take a ‘friend consultant’ role. They have varying amounts of contact with the leaders of the congregations or projects. Sometimes they are used as a ‘sounding board’ while others may just value the commitment from them in prayerful support. Sometimes time is set aside to work out strategy and goals and the way forward.

Outworks participants are encouraged to support each other, stimulate new ideas, offer direction, and link one another into new and potentially fruitful relationships. We work in a spirit of partnership; determined to use all our gifts and talents in community with others for the good of the city as a whole.

Our Values


We only work together well when good relationships exist.


Informal structures provide easy access and flexibility.


God’s kingdom reflects diversity and being inclusive brings greater opportunities for growth.


Through mutual support we are using our own experiences and learning to help each other.